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Real Food from Real Ingredients | Many Gluten-Free and Vegan Options

About Us

About Muranos Italian Deli

The Camas Pick-Me-Up Deli was founded in 2019 by locals, Awna and Jason Underwood, who have started the rebranding process to Muranos Italian Deli in March of 2020.  The name pays homage to Awnas fathers and her upbring as well as her lineage. Born Romano and adopted as Murphy,  Mur+Ano = Muranos, there you have it!

We believe that Italian, take-out food can be affordable, delicious, and healthy! We also wish to incorporate and celebrate cultures from around the world and you will see inspired cuisine that reflects that notion. At Muranos, we only use all-natural ingredients and make our food fresh throughout the day. We practice mindful eating, so many options here are vegan and vegetarian, and are incredibly careful in the preparation of our gluten-free options for sensitive customers.

About this website

We are excited to partner with Grow Digital Marketing to create and manage our website. This included our website design, creating our food product photography, assistance writing site text, hosting, and search engine optimization. They took care of everything and made the process easy!

The mission of Grow is to build a stronger, more independent community, so they help new local business get off the ground–like ours!–and help existing local companies grow. Learn more about them at GrowCamas.com.​